UK Rapper Sways Unveils Latest Single ‘Sweet One’ | Music News


South London-based rap artist Sways has released his brand new soft melodic ambient song “Sweet One”. Sway is known for his conscious hip hop and grime sounds and already gained attention in the UK rap scene.


Sways grew up in a household of rhythm, specifically the sounds of old school hip hop and the UK grime scene. Through his music he connects intelligent lyrics with an on-point rap flow and a dreamy and versatile soundscape.


His brand new track “Sweet One” is mix and mastered by Jocelin and produced by Sway himself. The song tells the story about a woman who says “men are trash then relapse“. Sway is criticizing her behavior at some points and her use of social media. “But you’re not happy behind that filter” he sings.


Nevertheless the song offers a chilled and peaceful feeling. In the accompanied music video Sways recording “Sweet One” in the nature in a one take. He is totally in the vibe of grime and flows with the music. The song is underpinned by smooth drums patterns and a driving 808.


The song just perfectly fits into every chill out or conscious rap playlist! Listen to the song and watch the accompanied visuals below.




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