South African Singer TATUM Drops New Single ‘My Hands’ | Music News


Riding high off the success of her debut EP Bloodsport, TATUM’s new single “My Hands” sees her conclude 2020 with a message of hope in a time of despair. It explores finding the moment of courage to end a physically or emotionally abusive relationship.


The artist delivers a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance accompanied by graceful piano arpeggiations. Her voice, always at the forefront, portrays nothing but passion and emotion, and reaches a climax in the chorus adorned with flourishing harmonies, cinematic strings and massive sub-bass.


TATUM is a South-African singer/songwriter, a rare talent able to captivate and mesmerise with her old school aesthetic and momentous lyrics.


Her voice smacks of the languid romanticism of Lana Del Rey and the moody phrasing of Lorde, and it’s steeped in dream pop lashings and an emotional depth that’s far beyond her young years. Despite her age, TATUM already knows exactly who she is, refuting any manufactured bubble-gum pop sheen in favour of telling her own authentic truth.


When asked about the meaning behind the song, the singer explains: “for me it’s about being brave in a grip of fear and breaking free the moment you realise your strength. It’s one of the hardest things to do, to break free from an abusive sociopath.


You can listen to the song here:




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