Chamber Pop Duo Pallmer Unveils New Single ‘Quiet Clapping’ | Music News


String chamber pop band Pallmer has just released their brand-new single called “Quiet Clapping”, a nod to their Canadian home province of New Brunswick.


Embracing the grey area between classical composition and songwriting, Pallmer is a string duo born from late evening improv sessions during a particularly snowy winter in Fredericton, NB.


Taking their name from the street they live on (adding an extra “L” to their name for added confusion), Pallmer’s sound is a unique mix of folk-like vocal melodies, indie-classical intricacies, ethereal minimalism, and brief moments of expansive improvisation.


It is composed of cellist and vocalist Emily Kennedy, and violist Mark Kleyn, who had performed with each other in classical ensembles for several years before delving into their own writing, using loop pedals and effects to expand the possibilities of their wooden instruments.


Talking about the making of “Quiet Clapping” and how it came together, Emily Kennedy says: “it dawned on me that I’d been using time at home as a period to recharge for something else, but for what? “I was happier than I had been in a long time, and didn’t want to throw that away.


The song isn’t so much about settling down as it is about recognizing and investing in places and communities that enrich you.


Go listen to “Quiet Clapping” right now:




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