It’s Time To Upgrade Your Underwear – Here’s How

Don’t be that guy with the draw full of faded underwear with holes.

Guys, it’s time to level up. Nobody wants to be or be with the guy with a draw full of disgustingly faded, tattered underwear. If you have to even consider it, then let’s just all be honest with ourselves and say that it’s time to go shopping.

Keep reading below where we go over some key considerations worth considering and then our final recommendation on where to go for your upgrade.

Three Considerations Before Upgrading Your Underwear

If you’re ready to upgrade your underwear and level up your life, here are three considerations to keep in mind.

Times Have Changed

It’s not 1985 anymore. The days of wearing your stock standard, off white tighty whities with frayed elastic five days a week are long gone. Open your eyes to new possibilities and you will be amazed at the level of innovation found within the market.

Support systems, styles and designs, all designed for everyday use or your most niche fitness obsessions. The right design for you is out there, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities.

You do You

Don’t get caught up in the boxers vs briefs debate and simply do you. If you like briefs, then wear briefs. If you like boxers, then go for boxers instead.

While material and quality manufacturing are non-negotiables, the style or cut should be chosen entirely on personal preference.

Even better, why not mix and match the style and designs depending on what your day looks like.

If you need the extra support during a hard workout, then a pair of bamboo boxer briefs might be the go. For a stressful day at the office, a pair of simple V-cut briefs might be the more comfortable option.

Nobody is pigeonholing you.

Quality Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

While the old saying that says you get what you pay for is certainly true when it comes to underwear, you don’t have to break the bank. You just have to know where to look.

At wholesale prices online, there are some brilliant deals to be found and we’re here to help make sure you find them. Lucky for you, we have our fingers on the pulse and can point you in the exact direction you should be looking.

Where to Find the Best Underwear for Men

With the above list in mind, the easy choice is to simply go shopping at UFM.

UFM products all include their patented pouch technology.

This is an adjustable support pouch system for your manhood that provides unrivalled support when compared to other brands.

As well as their patented pouch system, UFM products eliminate all skin on skin contact and can confidently say that chafing is a thing of the past.

By taking away skin on skin contact, their bamboo rather than cotton composition glides and wicks sweat away.

Thanks to UFM, rubbing, sweating and sticking on your thighs are all problems of the past.


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