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If anyone asked you what you thought would be the most streamed song on Spotify of all time, you might be forgiven for thinking that it could be a Taylor Swift hit, or perhaps a Michael Jackson anthem. I don’t think many of you would have guessed the result that Spotify provided us all with yesterday – the most streamed song of all time is Major Lazer’s single with DJ Snake and MØ, “Lean On”.


The worldwide hit was originally turned down by both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, rejections that were perhaps blessings in disguise, allowing ‘Lean On’ to stand out from the crowd and gain success not through an artist’s popularity but solely through the music. The song was only released earlier this year and was released independently. Add that to the fact that it didn’t even top the charts in either the US or the UK, and the 526 million plays it has received worldwide on Spotify seem even more staggering. The previous record holder was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, another recent single only released late last year – you know what they say, records are made to be broken.



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