Stanley Tucci Explores Italian Culture And Food In ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy’ | TV News


Life has been rough this past year and TV has been a refuge for us for long months during the hardest part of the pandemic and lockdown, so any shows or movies that were comforting were welcomed on our screens, and this week, we will have a new docu-series to watch.


This new series premiered on CNN on February 14 and is titled Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy, like the title implies, Stanley Tucci, who is a third-generation American-Italian, will travel to his homeland to discover and explore Italian culture and food.


Of course, everybody should travel to Italy at least once, just to taste their exquisite food – really fresh Italian pasta is the best – that is worldwide appreciated. Stanley’s goal is to explore the culture and its food but also to give the world another vision of this beautiful country.


Italy has so much more to offer than just ‘La Dolce Vita’, Rome, Milano, and their coasts, and as Stanley said in a recent CNN interview: “I’d like people to see that incredible diversity, and how it came about — from geography, from invasions, from the influences of the Arab world, from the Spanish, the Normans, the Austrians. It’s an incredible culinary melting pot“.


So we are expecting to see regionals recipes, as well as Italy’s stunning landscapes. The American actor will be visiting and review six different regions.


Every Sunday, CNN will air a new episode of the series, and Last Sunday saw Stanley visiting Naples, capital of the region Campania, a region where they are volcanos as well as the Amalfi Coast, and much more to see. Until the end of March, we can enjoy seeing and discovering new products from Italy with Stanley.


Newt Sunday, Rome will be in the spotlight, then will come the region of Bologna, Milano, Tuscany, and finally Sicily. We are excited to see how an American-Italian will put forward this country that has so much to offer. Watch a sneak peek of the series below.




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