‘Star Wars Rebels’ Animation Debuts Exclusive New Clip | TV News

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ TV show has a new trailer


Star Wars Rebels animation has released a new online clip for its forthcoming TV series. The program is based on the popular Star Wars film series and the clip – which made its debut at Wondercon – shows leading character Hera steering a ship while fighting Imperial forces. A one-off hour special of the new show will premiere on the Disney channel in the autumn of 2014, following this, the TV series will then air regularly on the Disney XD channel. The show will be set between Episode III and IV of the Star Wars film series and the two decades between these films will be shown in the new animation. It will look at the last of the Jedi Knights as they are hunted down, with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Vanessa Marshall voicing characters in the show.




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