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Like most fashion designers, Stella McCartney is searching for hope for a new beginning post-COVID, with her brand new Fall 2021 Ready-To-wear collection. Through her collection and her clothes, she wants to inspire people to dress again or at least to be ready to get dressed for endless night-outs.


For this collection, the fashion designer chose to shoot the collection at the famous Tate Modern Museum in London. She even took a moment to enjoy the museum for herself. Since the pandemic has chased visitors, we understand the designer had a moment, which she described as, “It was amazing. It made me feel happy to be alive again“.


Regarding the collection itself, the collection has much more bold colors compared to her previous collections, the colors bring a fresh touch, a happy vibe but also put more neutral tones to tone it down. Along with many different textures that make the outfits stand out.


The materials used are over 77% sustainable materials as well as upcycling and vegan technologies. Stella and her team have worked hard to make this collection a breath of fresh air for the fashion industry. And for this collection they focused on the letter D for “Desire” of the A To Z Manifesto.


Although the stand-out pieces of the collection could be the high-top botts that have a real 70-90s huge and thick heels, covered in different pop color glitter. The words eccentricity and extravagance are definitely in the vocabulary for the collection.


The English designer has, according to Vogue, been through a transformation and that explains the choice of color palette, texture. Just before the pandemic, she had made many changes professionally speaking such as buying back her company from Kering and starting a new partnership with the Fashion Luxury House LVMH.


Please find below some pictures of the latest collection.



Watch the fashion show below:




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