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Canadian band Still Eighteen has recently released a new catchy single titled “Gubalinda”. Still Eighteen is a family-band, composed by former Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood singer Joey Ciotti, along with his wife Karen on drums and daughter Samantha on bass.


Joey and Karen got to know each other during a Toronto gig and immediately fell in love. On the other hand, their daughter Samantha has approached to music since her young age.


The title of single “Gubalinda” refers to a fortune-telling entity named Gubalinda. The writing process has been a real “family affair”, since Joey and Samantha penned it, after being inspired by the family’s dog, Luna. In particular, Luna appeared to Joey after getting a bath, wrapped in a towel and looking like a wizard. Soon, Joey started to croon the dog’s name over a guitar riff he had previously written, while Samantha joined his father shortly after.


“Gubalinda” is a fairly funny song, which features amazing alt-rock vibes and a catchy melody and chorus. Background vocals, which support Joey’s vocals, enrich a well-constructed single, where the great connection among the band members is fairly evident.


While waiting for new singles to be released and new live shows to be scheduled, listen to the marvellous “Gubalinda” below:





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