Saturated Releases ‘Harmonize’ From ‘SATCH Chapter 2’ Album | Music News


The just released album SATCH Chapter 2 of the emerging artist Saturated opens with an energic track “Harmonize” which is now fastly surfing all the musical platforms demonstrating the young talent of the american rapper.


The emerging artist Saturated is only 23 but he grew up a lot musically in the Atlanta rap scene. By following his passion for music, he began pursuing Hip-Hop as a full time career, once he realized that his college basketball career would have come to a premature end after his junior season at Oglethorpe University.


When Saturated started to focus only on his musical creations, he begun to realize all his artistic goals and since he started producing his own music, the young artist broke onto the scene with his debut album: The Book Of Satch, in the spring of 2018.


The powerful instrumental mixes human voices with drums and horns to lay the perfect setting for the singer to reflect on his past experiences which led too much often to reflection, loss, and self destruction from start to finish.


As Saturated starts singing, the anthem leaves space only to his voice. It is possible to feel how he is proud of his project. “Never looked back for nothing” his voice echoes on the strong beat, while these words remain written in your mind even after the song is ended.


Listen to the song below:




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