Stockholm-Based Syrian Pop Artist Leen Releases New Single ‘Natt Och Dag’

“Natt Och Dag” is a compelling new song on the hardships of dating a deceitful person from Stockholm-based Syrian pop musician Leen. The catchy synth sounds and melodies of the song were inspired by Molly Sandén‘s work in songs like “Det bästa kanske inte hänt än.”

“It’s about an unsteady, gloomy, and manipulating spouse,” Leen said of the song’s lyrics. In this song, the singer addressed the subject of duality using a metaphor-rich musical technique.

“It was my first Swedish song,” Leen said. A language that has enabled her to “find new sides of herself and her songwriting.” “I learned how to think in my native tongue but writing in Swedish gave birth to new metaphors,” she says of her mother tongue’s effect.

The artist sought the services of producers Elias Lang and Olivia Lundberg, as well as Andreas Johanson and Joe Vegna for mixing and mastering in her home studio.

Leen released her lead single, “Refugee,” in 2020. It was selected as the Swedish Refugee Committee’s anthem.

In addition to this, she has played in Germany at the Boat People Project, Arabiska Teater, Pero, Regina, and theatres honoring the Michael Nyqvist Foundation Award.

In the summer of 2021, the Syrian pop musician secured a record deal with Rexius Records. She previously released her single “Way Too Loud” and is currently getting ready for the attention for “Natt Och Dag.”

Listen and enjoy the new release “Natt Och Dag” below!


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