‘Stranger Things’ Creators To Adapt Stephen King & Peter Straub Novel ‘The Talisman’

Stranger Things creators Mark and Ross Duffer are currently riding the high of the recently released fourth season of the hit show, but they’re not done creating genre content for Netflix. They have signed a deal with the streamer under their newly created Upside Down banner to develop several new projects.

One of them will be an adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub‘s 1984 fantasy horror novel The Talisman. The brothers will work alongside Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Entertainment on the project.

The Talisman revolves around 12-year-old Jack as he goes on a quest to find a magical stone that will cure his deathly ill mother. But Jack is soon transported to an alternate universe known as ‘The Territories’ where everyone living in the real world has a doppleganger.

Those living in The Territories are able to flip realities and go into the body of their real world counterparts, something that proves to be disastrous for Jack’s journey.

It’s unclear right now whether this adaptation will be a film or a series. Considering Netflix’s success with Stranger Things, one would expect them to aim for a similarly long-running show. Stranger Things co-executive producer and writer Curtis Gwinn is being given the creation credit too, which further hints that this will be a series.

This is an easy project for fans to get excited about. The creators of the most successful retro sci-fi series of its generation adapting a genre novel by two legendary authors that inspired the show in the first place? If Netflix are hoping for a Stranger Things successor, this is a solid bet.

There aren’t any more details on the project yet, nor on what other interesting things the Duffer brothers will be working on for Netflix. What we do know is that a fifth season of Stranger Things has already been commissioned, so the brothers will be busy over the next few years.


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