Supreme Release New Collection Inspired By Famous 90s’ Series ‘Aeon Flux’

After its latest release, a collaboration with The North Face, Supreme is now preparing an Aeon Flux inspired collection for Spring 2022. The collection consists of a Varsity jacket, jumper, football shirt, hoodie, shorts and two t-shirts.

The Aeon Flux series, produced by Peter Chung is a blend of avant-garde, science fiction and adventure that first aired on MTV in 1995, with one season of ten half-hour episodes as a stand-alone series.

Aeon Flux’s innovative nature generated a cult following that continues to this day to celebrate its cinematic visual style and subversive approach to animated storytelling.

The series is set in a surreal German expressionist futuristic world where an environmental apocalypse has decimated the world’s population. In the war-torn cities of Monica and Bregna live mutant creatures, clones and
and robots.

Monica and Bregna compete for ideological supremacy, the former representing a nihilistic anarchist society, while the latter is a centralised, scientifically planned Orwellian police state.

Aeon Flux, the protagonist, is a secret agent from the city of Monica who infiltrates and destroys Bregna’s strongholds. Her goal is to bring down her arch-enemy and occasional lover, Bregna’s technocratic dictator, Trevor Goodchild.

In the Aeon Flux series, conventional notions of heroic action are challenged. Representations of violence, sexuality, domination, fetishism and death are presented without taboos and thus provoke the viewer to reflect.

With this collection, Supreme celebrates the American television series by showcasing the work of Aeon Flux through streetwear. The collaboration will be released worldwide, available exclusively on the Supreme website on March 31 in the US and April 2 in Japan. Don’t miss it!

Find the pictures of the collection below:


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