Swedish Band Isaac And The Soul Company Return With New Ballad ‘Back To Your Heart’

On August 11, Swedish band Isaac And The Soul Company marked a significant moment in their musical journey with the release of their latest single “Back To Your Heart.”

This new track beautifully merges classic soul with adult contemporary pop, showcasing not only the band’s technical prowess but also their ability to tell a touching story through song.

The ballad stands out for its beautiful melody and heartfelt storytelling. Frontman Isaac Kuritzén’s unique voice, imbued with warmth and depth, is a highlight of the track, bringing the poignant lyrics to life and contributing to the song’s distinct romantic aura.

“Back To Your Heart” is the band’s first release for the year and offers a first glimpse into their collaboration with producer Anders Hansson, promising a refreshing and engaging new direction for the band. With this release, Isaac And The Soul Company continues their commitment to blending traditional soul influences with modern pop sensibilities, creating a sound that is distinctly their own.

The band’s live performances are known for their intensity and emotional connection with audiences. As Kuritzén explains, their concerts are designed as a kind of musical explosion: “We have always built our live performances on an almost musical explosion. To give so much energy to the audience, that for a second they forget everything else and go home excited with a euphoric feeling in their whole body.”

Isaac And The Soul Company’s extensive touring history includes gigs around the world, from Manchester to Honolulu, a testament to the band’s broad appeal and their ability to create memorable concert experiences regardless of the location or audience.

Their discography is impressive, consisting of three full-length albums, two EPs, and a number of singles. The band’s most recent album, The American Soulbook, saw them pay homage to their favorite soul classics, a clear indication of their deep respect and love for the genre.

The members of the band, aside from Kuritzén on vocals, include Jesper Naenfeldt on guitar, Patrik Weiberg on bass, Henrik Liljequist on drums, Mattias Lejdal on saxophone, and Olle Hedström on trumpet. Their influences are wide-ranging, drawing inspiration from modern artists like Drake and Rihanna, as well as soul legends such as Otis Redding and Little Richard.

The core of Isaac And The Soul Company’s mission is their desire to convey genuine and profound music that reaches straight into the listeners’ hearts. They aim to do this in a way that is unique and authentic, refusing to compromise their artistic integrity.

As 2023 unfolds, fans can look forward to more newly written music from Isaac And The Soul Company, beginning with the heartfelt and evocative single “Back To Your Heart,” which marks a promising start to this next chapter in the band’s evolving story.

In a world where the music scene is constantly shifting, Isaac And The Soul Company’s dedication to authentic, heartfelt music stands as a reminder of the timeless power of a beautifully crafted song.

Listen to “Back To Your Heart” below!


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