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Indie pop band Rooni have just released their new single “Sturm Und Drang“, sharing a great track that perfectly fits with the stormy times we are going through.


Rooni are a four-piece group from Sweden made of Gustav Nilsson on vocals and guitar, Johan Portmark on drums, Henrik Källström on guitar and Johannes Sandberg on bass. They have already dropped a couple of EPs and successful singles such as “Electricity”.


Even though the title may be misleading, “Sturm Und Drang” has meaningful lyrics about the feeling of having a storm going on inside of you. The German title is derived from the song’s lyrics, as the expression “Sturm Und Drang” brings us back to Germany around 1760, when a group of authors was writing in a literary style that was got this label, which could be translated as “storm and yearning”.


With their latest single, Rooni took a deeper step into electronic music, managing to create powerful synth sounds using no computer editing but just effect pedals and their guitars, bass, drums and vocals, with a stunning sound and engaging beats as a result of their recording.


The lyric video accompanying the song is shot in a stop-motion manner and it is made of post-its of different colours. Whether you are listening to “Sturm Und Drang” or watching the hypnotic visuals, the lines “I’m lost in the storm without you” will get stuck into your mind. Are you ready to face the storm? Check out Rooni’s latest single now!


Listen to it here:




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