Lanvin Unveils Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Collection At Paris Fashion Week

This past weekend, Paris Fashion Week provided the chance to view a variety of incredibly intriguing Fall/Winter 2023–24 collections, Lanvin being one of them, the brand revealed various approaches to expressing femininity, which alternated between being sexy, inclusive, elegant, minimalist, mythical, and futuristic.

The show took place in The Collège des Bernardins, with its historic arched ceilings, was chosen by creative director Bruno Sialelli for the Lanvin show. That was a good idea because the venue’s understated, austere Cistercian architecture perfectly complemented the chic, understated collection Sialelli has created for next winter.

A wardrobe built around a select few essentials, with a carefully considered mixture of tailored and more casual pieces, daywear and evening wear, matte and glossy finishes.

On the skin, the dresses were smooth. Although they were draped in the front, a thin row of golden sphere buttons allowed them to be opened up in the back. The bra could be seen through other, more fitted, sleeveless clothes that were made of wool or sequins.

Long, high-heeled leather boots that moulded to the wearer’s legs and glitzy opera gloves added to the allure, and some of the outfits included matching headgear.

Sharp lines could be seen. Particularly for casual wear, there are the statement overcoats in wool, shaggy fur, shearling, and crocodile leather, which are all expertly cut and worn with miniskirt suits and mid-length jackets, dark pants paired with sober tone-on-tone shirts and ties, and dark trousers.

Frills were few and far between, it felt like Lanvin had no frills policy for Paris Fashion Week 2023 runway, with the exception of a scattering of arums majestically adorning a few dresses, the crystal-like flowers embroidered on other models, and the polka dots, in ruby-colored velvet on draped togas.

Embedded like glass tears in knitted sets, or studded on to dresses, boots, and coats. Some of the looks featured salmon pink flashes, oversized hooded sweaters, Lycra jumpsuits worn under coats, and other daring details for both men and women.

Here are some of the highlights from Lanvin 2023 Fall/Winter collection, revealed at Paris Fashion Week!


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