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Festival No.6 Celebrates 50 Years Of ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Album With ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Sunday’ | Music News

  Sundays are often a day of celebrating; Family, Religion, Friends or just a well deserved lie in. However, the Sunday of Festival N0. 6 will bring a carnival of ‘Sgt. Pepper’ celebrations with live talks, screenings exciting performances from a number of artists, who will all celebrate a track from the album and many more.   This extravaganza has[…]

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The Beatles First Contract Expected To Sell For £250,000 At Sotherby’s | Music News

  The very first management contract signed by The Beatles, with long serving manager Brian Epstein, is being put up for sale at Sotherby’s Rock and Pop Auction. The contract was famously signed after McCartney turned up late to the meeting as he was in the bath. The contract also features the signatures of some parents as the Beatles were[…]

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