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Spring is there, temperatures are rising and everyone wants to get rid of sweaters and heavy coats.


So, it is time to think of showing playful dresses and trenches, and why not take inspiration from our favourite it-girls of the moment?


Let’s start with Kendall Jenner and her latest denim trend. A pair of jeans that have been cut into shorts, leaving just the turn-up hems and the outer seams. Is it daring right?


If you feel sporty but you want to stay traditional, why do not copy Bella Hadid’s look? The supermodel was shot wearing a Burberry jumper, frayed black jeans and ankle boots.


This moment is also ideal to show more clear outfits, especially white ones. Take Cara Delevingne’s looks for instance. She was spotted out wearing particular botton-seamed jeans and white heels, completed with a grey and white blazer.


What kind of spring it would be without a floral and colourful outfit? With long or short sleeves, floral dresses are always beautiful and make us always think of sunny days. Let’s have a look at Kirsten Dunst’s Gucci floral dress at CinemaCom in Nevada.


What will be your style for the next week?







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