Taylor Bennett & Zxxk – Rock ‘N’ Roll | Music Video


There is a heist going on in Taylor Bennett‘s new music video for “Rock’N’Roll“. The new single will be off his upcoming album Be Yourself, out July 13.


Bennett, brother to Chance The Rapper, is stepping outside his more famous brother’s shadow and coming into his own style and sound.


“Rock’N’Roll”, the follow up to his debut single “Be Yourself” featuring Bianca Shaw, provides the right opportunity to assert this, as Taylor demonstrates that he has his own thing going on. Wooing everyone with that freestyle kicker of his, the rapper is definitely stepping up his game.


The melody draws from some nice keyboards beats and steel drums strokes, ultimately giving the song a nice R&B flavor. The track is structured between a more chilled, smooth chorus and the fast-pace flow of Bennett’s rap.


For the visuals for the song, the Chicago rapper has decided to put on a heist in perfect Bonnie & Clyde style. Bennett and his partner in crime are seen robbing a store and getting chased by a police officer. The narrative arc unravels the story by dislocating and presenting the various scenes in a different time order.


Check out the music video below:




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