Technology Making Shopping More Personal With Customer Facial Recognition | Fashion News


In the past, if you shopped at a particular store, you would receive preferential treatment based on your loyalty. This would come in the form of a loyalty card, generous discounts or in some cases VIP treatment. The staff would be warm and welcoming of you and your credit card… I mean custom. When we look back on those years, they might as well be prehistoric. As technology is developing constantly and privacy being the latest moral panic, how well would the latest news of facial recognition technology being rolled out in California be received in Britain.


It’s scary to say the least, the idea is to help business shrink their stocks by instantly recognizing customers when they enter the store. However, far from feeling like a celebrity receiving VIP treatment, I would feel conscious that the store assistants would have access to my photos. On the other hand, some people might appreciate the attention and feel like their getting value for their money. The jury’s out, I guess.





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