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Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger, who has written songs for the likes of Shawn Mendes, One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer and Maroon 5, has decided to release her own music.


The American singer, who is currently transitioning to become a woman, just dropped her new single “I Was In A Cult“, that precedes her forthcoming album LillyAnna to come out sometime this summer.


The song is an uplifting rock track that draws from Geiger’s personal journey as transgender. The “cult” she sings about is not a specific cult, instead, the singer explained that is more about the idea of becoming part of something, a group of friends, family or any social circus, and getting stuck in their idea of who you are/supposed to be.


This is definitely something we can all relate to. Who hasn’t strived to conform just to be accepted into a certain group? “I Was In A Cult”, then, examines the feeling of self-liberation and finally coming into your own self, with Geiger singing “I wanna look to now, now that it’s real/I wanna love tonight, now that I’m free, yeah“.


Accompanied by a raw sound of guitar sequences that contrast beautifully with Geiger’s echoing vocals, the song has that grunge cut that you usually find in early bands who have their early start playing in their parents’ garage. Geiger, who is a pop-hit deliverer when it comes to writing for other artists, has definitely chosen to go for a more personal style here as she switches to a more rock-infused sound with her new single.


Listen to it here:




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