Boris Johnson Has Resigned As Foreign Secretary | Politics


Former London Mayor Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary after a disagreement with the Prime Minister over soft Brexit. After a tedious meeting at Chequers, Theresa May provided a compromise for a softer Brexit. A compromise which would produce the least damage towards the British economy.


Many would argue that this decision to create a softer Brexit makes most sense as it still allows Britain to escape from the European Union, whilst minimising the damage later on. Many Tories failed to see the sense in this, therefore it is no surprise that Boris Johnson has left his position.


It was clear to see the cracks within the Tory party. With many opinions on how the UK should leave the EU, Theresa May has been in for a tough ride with her cabinet members. Having to handle her party image and the fallouts of her trusted members, it has left her looking frail and fragile as a political leader. Although Boris Johnson has left the scene, tension within her party still prevails and shows no sign of stopping.


With this tension still on loose, Theresa May’s time in office is limited.



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