Terry Crews Wants To Play Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ In Netflix Series | TV News

Terry Crews volunteers to play Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’


US actor Terry Crews has volunteered himself to play the role of Marvel’s Luke Cage in an upcoming TV series on Netflix. Netflix recently gained the rights to broadcast the TV series but has not made any announcements on the actors they want to play the role. There have been previous discussions by fans on who they would like to play Luke Cage. This consisted of Terry Crews, Michael Jai White and Idris Elba.


Carl Lucas (Luke Cage) is a Marvel comic book character who became a superhero after getting into an accident. Framed and sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, he is granted bail if he takes part in an experiment. The experiment is tampered with by an evil prison guard hoping to kill Cage but instead it gives him steel-hard skin and super-human strength. Crews previously said he would not play the character as he felt the media tried to pit him against the other two actors ( who he considered friends) up for the role for publicity.



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