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Praise be the TV Gods, The Blacklist has had the green light to go for a fourth season! I know there are a hoard of James Spader fans out there who join me in breathing a sigh of relief. Creator of the show, Jon Bokenkamp, admitted that they found out that NBC was on board for another season “a while ago“, grievously leaving fans in suspense. But I guess we’ll forgive him if the next season promises to be as awesome as its predecessors.


In the meantime, we have a lot of season three to finish before we even start to think about season four. Currently, we are waiting impatiently for The Blacklist to return from mid-season hiatus; when we left Lizzie and Red in ‘Kings Of The Highway‘, Red’s intricate plan to exonerate Lizzie was threatened by the unforeseen complication of a redneck crew of bandits abducting Reddington.


To get him back, Dembe trades an unknown object – something vital to Lizzie’s exoneration – much to Red’s protest. Dammit. Then, to top things off, the FBI arrive and we see Ressler finally arrest Liz, most likely ending her time on the run. I wait in suspense, as we all do, eased by the knowledge that we have another whole season of awesomeness set for Fall 2016.


NBC’s The Blacklist returns Thursday, January 7, 8|9c.



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