‘The Conjuring’ Writers Tackling New Horror Project For Legendary Producer Joel Silver | Film News


The Conjuring has morphed from a single successful horror film into a major universe full of sequels and spinoffs.


Naturally, the people involved in those successes have become in demand, and now Chad and Carey Hayes, writers of the first two Conjuring films as well as House Of Wax and The Reaping, are set to work with legendary producer Joel Silver on a new horror project.


Details on the project are extremely sparse, but for horror fans this is newsworthy nonetheless, as two bright, upcoming writers get to work with a producer that has over 40 years of credits to his name, including having a hand in bringing films such as Predator, The Warriors, Lethal Weapon and Die Hard to the big screen.


The project has been set up at Sony, with Columbia Pictures executive vice president of creative production Palak Patel overseeing its development for the studio.


It should be an interesting collaboration, mixing old school with new school, and hopefully more details will soon arise so we can get a clearer picture of where this project is going.



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