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Tamara Bubble – Pringles | New Music


Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl – that’s a name of Tamara Bubble‘s upcoming EP and now she shares a new single from it. “Pringles” is dedicated to probably the most famous potato chips. We must say, Tamara’s track is almost as addictive as those chips.


When you grow up in the hood, the #1 goal is to make it out. So this song is a lil motivation for all my people.” – says the artist. What’s the story behind the song? Apparently, the Pringles can was Tamara’s first ever savings account. She has even made a video-tutorial “How to Make a Piggy Bank from Pringles“, that shows how to save up some “move up out the hood money“.


Tamara shares a brilliant life hack: “Just use a can of pringles and stack them chips to reach your financial goals and avoid and bank fees“. She rhymes about it in this new track, produced by TheCratez: “Pringles in the can/All this money really got me dancing“.


Listen to “Pringles” below:




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