The Five Most Exciting TV Shows Of 2016 | TV News


After the festive period with the new year looming, what have we got to look forward to in 2016? Here is my top 5 to seek out on TV in 2016.


1. Game Of Thrones Season 6:




Is Jon Snow back from the dead and how? Season 6 is heading into uncharted territory as we move beyond George R.R. Martin’s published word, so smug readers like myself don’t know who is next for the chopping block.


2. Luke Cage:




This is the 3rd installment in the Marvel and Netflix collaboration following the success of Jessica Jones and Daredevil moving towards a combined Defenders series. Mike Colter stars as the superhero with unbreakable skin.


3. The X-files:




This long-awaited mini-series reboot will air on Channel 5. Fourteen years later David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back for more supernatural mystery solving antics.


4. House of Cards Season 4:


House of Cards


Kevin Spacey‘s ultimate political anti-hero Frank Underwood is back: “America, I’m only getting started”. Netflix has confirmed that new episodes will go live on 4 March.


5. Westworld:




HBO’s new sci-fi thriller is based on the 1973 movie set in a futuristic theme park. Producer J.J. Abrams describes it as a “dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin”.


It is going to be an exciting year. Netflix and HBO are set up to have another strong year.



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