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Be warned, this photo will give you major heart-eyes. As you probably know, before Harrison Ford teamed up with Luke Skywalker and fell in love with Princess Leia, he made ends meet by working as a carpenter and playing bit parts in television shows. You are also undoubtedly very familiar with the story of how Ford was doing some work for Francis Ford Coppola when he crossed paths with George Lucas – and hence history was made.


While this has been old news for quite some time, we’ve only now been blessed with some visual evidence. Just in time for Christmas, musician Sergio Mendes shared a photo of the 28-year old Ford – and what a treat it is. Mendes revealed that Ford and a bunch of other handymen built him a recording studio back in 1970. In the photo we can feast our eyes on a tanned, shirtless and vibrant Ford. While he’s unaware of what the future has in store for him, we can only smile and marvel at how far he has come. Check out the post below:


“The Force Awakens”! Before Han Solo, there was a great carpenter named Harrison Ford. And here he is, with his crew, …

Posted by Sergio Mendes on Wednesday, 23 December 2015



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