‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 18 – The Runaway | TV Review



Finally! An episode where Cisco gets a lot of love.


The Flash left us last week with the consequence of attempting to recreate the particle accelerator incident that originally gave Barry his powers. However due to some technical issues, he disintegrates to nothing to the horror of his family and friends. This week we are met with a number of different Easter-eggs and an exciting lead up to the show’s season finale.


Cisco gets a lot of well deserved screen time during this episode, as it is thanks to his powers that they are able to pinpoint Barry’s exact location. But as always there is trouble at the home front, as a previously dangerous villain makes a return in The Flash’s absences a la ‘Walking Dead’ style. Meanwhile Barry is stuck within the speed force, a unique and unknowable place that exists within all of time and space. Here is met with a number of familiar faces including that of Joe, Iris, and his own father.


The episode manages to captivate emotionally, as the speed force is apparently sentient and takes human form. As past episodes consisted of The Flash learning new ways to increase his speed, here Barry learns what it actually means to BE the Flash. The dramatic tone proved to be intriguing and engaging to say the least, something that really brings out that kind of ‘rally’ that superheroes tend to need when in doubt.


Of course, as mentioned there were a number of easter-eggs that were touched upon this week. First off, The Runaway was directed by none other than Kevin Smith, which really something about his creativity with something that he is passionate about.


The other being the possibility of two new speedsters being introduced, one of which is Wally West (The Third Flash), and Jessie Wells (Jesse Quick). Though the producers have suggested that nothing will come to light regarding these characters, one can never be too trusting.


Finally the episode’s conclusion has Jay Garrick rallying Central City’s baddest Meta-Humans, which could mean a War may be coming for the season finale. Will Barry ask Green Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow for some Justice League level brawling? or is it just a fanboy’s fantasy? only time will tell.



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