‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 18 – Versus Zoom | TV Review



A frustratingly intriguing episode, The Flash takes us on a short journey that investigates the origins of Zoom. The question is, does it answer all the right questions?


Well… Yes and No. As the series nears it season finale, the episode kicks it up a notch by opening up Earth 2 and having newly enhanced Barry face off against Zoom for the ‘last time’. Interestingly, when testing out his powers, Barry disappears for one second through what seems to be a wormhole, and returns with the question “How long was I gone?”


THIS was clearly a reference to his trip into the Supergirl universe, seeing as he’s wearing the exact same Tachyon enhancement device on his chest as seen previously in ‘Worlds Finest’. But was there any mention of the Girl of Steel? NOOOOO, they just brush it off as if nothing happened and don’t even explain why or what happened within that worm hole.


But besides the point, the episode is definitely about Zoom or otherwise known as Hunter Zolomon. It depicts his traumatic childhood after witnessing his mother murdered by his father, before being sent to an orphanage. The rest of the story is then about his murderous streak that stemmed from this incident, all the while being gifted the power of speed.


So begged the question, who was Jay Garrick? To be honest, we can’t answer you at this point. It could be that he didn’t even exist at all, and that the entire thing was just about Hunter Zolomon himself. He explains this wibbly wobbly timey-wimey thing that basically explains why he was in two different places at the same time, how he was able to kill the other him, and so on.


The episode’s conclusion just adds further insult to injury, as Barry loses his powers and is completely defeated by Zoom who runs away with Caitlyn. There are still many questions left behind that we would like to see an answer to, along with the identity of the man in the iron mask. Hopefully the last few episodes will pick up from this frustration, and gives one big finale.



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