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Music thrives on eccentricity and excitement. When musicians dare to subvert the norm and court controversy, their following quadruples through exploits of bad behaviour and the endless curiosity of kids told not to buy their music. These characters are needed to keep things fresh and interesting. Kim Fowley was such a character, a sequin studded king of hysteria, rock and roll’s gaunt overseer.


Musician, producer, songwriter, manager, Kim Fowley was a polymath of Pop. Responsible for putting together The Runaways, the all girl rock band that kickstarted the careers of Joan Jett and Lita Ford, and working with countless other musicians such as Gene Vincent, Warren Zevon, Kiss and Leon Russell. Fowley’s career scouring the L.A. club strips spanned nearly 60 years. He was a darer, an invocative impresario, never shy to voice his opinions or stand up to adversaries.


Music is sculpted by these characters; those not afraid to take a swing at something new, something daring, something that will both repulse and revere. Colourful charismatic crazy cats like Kim need to be ever present to prevent music from becoming lost in its own self important gluttonous state.


Kim Fowley, July 21, 1939 – January 15, 2015



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