The Increasing Profile Of Women In The Gambling World

2004 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions Winner and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Annie Duke

When you think of gambling or a kaszino, you may get the feeling it is a male-dominated pastime. Images of days, a long time ago, of smoke-filled rooms of men, gathered around gaming tables.

Eager to prove their skill in these games and hoping that luck would play its part in earning them some winnings and make their name known as successful gamblers. It’s a great boost to some men’s egos to fall into this category. To come away king of the table regularly can lead to your name being spoken in revered tones in gambling circles.

However, over time, the participation of women in gambling became more common. And not just in recent years, it was in the 1800s when it was first noted that women were getting involved. And sometimes not just as players, but actually running saloons and gaming venues.

Since then, numbers have only risen and risen. Women have gotten recognition in the betting world for not only producing great players but for making huge strides in the business side of the gambling industry too.

Who Are The Best Female Players Of Recent Years?

Women have forced themselves into the limelight of the gambling world by producing some excellent poker players in recent times. Their dedication to the game has not only produced admiration and respect from ladies worldwide but also healthy bank balances for the players concerned.

Far out in front is Vanessa Selbst, with winnings of reportedly $12 million earned from the game. Becoming the first and only woman to attain the level of number one on the Global Poker Index, she is an inspiration to all aspiring female gamblers.

While not quite in the same bracket as Selbst, fellow Americans Kathy Liebert and Annie Duke have accumulated a lot of both cash and respect for their efforts throughout the years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both of these women reside in Las Vegas, where there are plenty of opportunities for women to take part in these games.

A new kid on the block from Norway, Annette Obrestad made waves winning the first World Series of Poker Europe as a teenager. It’s possible that at an online betting site you may be playing poker against the next female poker prodigy.

Female Celebrity Gamblers

Girls just wanna have fun! Shaking off the sexist image of gambling, some beautiful celebrity ladies have been trying their luck on the betting scene for quite some time now. It’s always a big draw to any casino to have them playing as it brings them some free advertising and attention.

Pamela Anderson, a famous female star of the ’90s, is renowned for her love of playing cards. Some scandalous stories have emerged about her behavior in the casinos and it appears she hasn’t been very successful at gambling in general.

Another Hollywood star extremely fond of the game of poker is Shannon Elizabeth. Being a Playboy pin-up, just like Pamela Anderson, only intensified the spotlight on women in gambling. Women were intrigued by these two stars doing battle on the circuit.

Learning the game as a kid competing against her family, developed into a lifelong passion that would eventually surpass her interest in acting. While neither are unlikely to be starring in top casino movies, they certainly appear to be having a good time!

What Games Are Popular For Women To play?

In the recent past, women were seen to be mainly playing poker and bingo. Bingo was a popular pastime for the ladies, with bingo halls often rammed with older-aged women. However times have changed, women have increasingly started to lean towards playing table games and trying their luck on the slots.

The progress in mobile phone technology and the introduction of online casino sites made these games easy to access and also possible to play in secret if you wish. Not every woman wants to be known as a gambler.

One of the games women like to play most is online slots, due to the wide variety of choices of games available. A casino bonus received upon joining makes signing up for these sites more attractive.

Women are believed to enjoy games of chance more than games of skill and for many, rather than becoming a problem, is a fun way to pass some time. Playing the lottery, similar to bingo, attracts women players in droves. The game of roulette, one of the oldest games of chance, all relies on where the ball lands on a spinning wheel and has many women hooked.

The Most Powerful Woman In The Gambling Industry Today

It’s hard for some people to believe the impact one woman has had on gambling as a whole. Denise Coates, a British entrepreneur, has been involved with betting since her school days. Originally a cashier, she has scaled unbelievable heights becoming the founder and CEO of BET365, a giant in the list of online betting companies.

Only online since 2001, the figures wagered on this site can only be classed as staggering, with over 30 billion pounds per year regularly wagered on this site alone.

She recently hit the headlines by awarding herself an astonishing salary of £421 million for the year 2020. This horrified some, as she is a billionaire already, and also her site was becoming addictive for many. This was resulting in losses of huge sums of money for normal people.

However, she is a very successful businesswoman and only reaping the rewards of what she has built from the ground up. Women are absolutely fascinated by her story and proud that she has achieved so much in a business that is perceived to be run by men.


The number of women involved in gambling has certainly increased over the years in all aspects of the game. From superstars, millionaire poker players to the women playing from the comfort and the privacy of their own home. As well as sports betting, women are logging in to play online casino games more regularly.

Lockdowns and restrictions over the last year have only fuelled this interest, as women, and indeed everyone, search for ways to pass the time. The popularity of online slots has rocketed in recent times.

With attractive layouts, a massive variety of choices, and being very easy to play, it’s not hard to see why they can become so addictive. Some people are concerned that the ease of accessing sites and the speed of deposits online encourages play, meaning that many women can develop a gambling problem very quickly.

During 2020 and now 2021, people have just had too much time on their hands to get themselves into potential trouble on the internet. If you think you know anyone having issues with gambling, please don’t hesitate to contact Gamstop for help or advice.


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