The Kinks’ Album ‘Arthur’ To Be Turned Into A Radio Drama For BBC | Music News


Arthur is the concept album of the acclaimed english band The Kinks that made history at the time of its release, in 1969. The popularity of this album will be honored by the BBC, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary. It will officially air as a radio drama on November 2 on BBC Radio 4.


Editor for drama and fiction of the radio, Alison Hindell, described it as “a heartfelt true story of a particular moment in recent history that has resonances today about the ways in which we connect as humans at times of great social change – through story, music, home and family“.


Indeed, Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) tells, without filters, how the fictional character of Arthur Morgan lives the post-war British society with its contradictions and socio-cultural injustices. The resolve of the British people during the Second World War and the privations after the war that marked the austerity period are just some examples.


The Kinks’ Ray Davies said about the album: “Arthur’s generation returned from war to find Britain’s future in the midst of cultural and social change and political uncertainty, much like today,”. Lee Ross has been casted for the leading character of Arthur and Rosie Cavaliero as Rose. At the same time, Ray Davies will be the producer of this project.



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