‘The Last Exorcism’ Director & ‘The Strangers’ Writer Team Up For ‘They’ | Film News


Daniel Stamm, director of The Last Exorcism, has recently been promoting his segment of Into The Dark, Hulu and Blumhouse’s holiday horror series. His is the Valentine’s Day entry titled Down, which revolves around love gone wrong in an elevator. But during this recent press tour, he revealed some details on what will hopefully be his next project.


Stamm will team up with The Strangers writer/director Bryan Bertino for a film called They. Stamm told The Daily Dead:


“I’m hopefully directing next a movie called They, written by Bryan Bertino and produced by Dark Castle. We’re casting right now. Bryan wrote and directed The Strangers, and he has a talent for writing set pieces that are really fresh, interesting, and unpredictable. It’s so hard to do something original and fresh in the home invasion space, because there are only so many ways to scare someone”.


Stamm went on to explain that the film revolves around a home invasion set on an oil derrick in the Texan desert. Oil workers who are essentially away from civilisation are confronted with an attack of a certain kind, and the film is designed to flip the home invasion concept on its head.


Usually, a home invasion would take place within close-quarters; They will occur in the wide open nothingness of the desert.


There’s no guarantee the film is indeed Stamm’s next project, but it sounds very promising. Hopefully we hear more about it in the coming months.



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