‘Aladdin’ Remake Will Give Jasmine A Much Stronger Character Arc | Film News


The new live action Aladdin film is definitely on our watch list, but things have just gotten better for the storyline, since Jasmine will no longer only have the goal of falling in love in mind. Instead she will have purpose that more women in the 21st century can relate to.


When it was first released in the 90s, the film was among a wide array of princess stories, from the likes of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella. Disney’s recent mission to turn these princesses into something more than just a figure or an object of desire has now translated to its newest edition: Aladdin.


While the film is about Aladdin, Princess Jasmine plays a major role. She is Aladdin’s love interest in the film. What else can we really say about her besides that from the 90s version?


Instead, Disney is handling the new movie with more appreciation for the character. Instead of being Aladdin’s love interest, the character will have goals and aspirations of leading and ruling the city. She also wants to explore more of Agrabah. “Her character has a much stronger journey” – Dan Lin.


The film will also feature a new song from its princess, probably one that expresses her new aspirations.



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