‘The Last Starfighter’ TV Series In Development | TV News


Cult classic 80’s film The Last Starfighter is getting its very own big boy spin off TV show – with a very interesting, risky twist. Whilst still only in early stages of production, the TV show will feature virtual reality scenes in it (think retro 80’s arcade games meets Oculus Rift). Not only is this far from the norm, but the huge risk of adding such scenes would make the series extremely hard to sell – how would it even be formatted? Obviously, on demand streaming would be the only plausible option – but even then, is this a good selling point?


Regardless, the spin-off will deviate from the original plot of the film completely and focus more on alien law enforcement and morality rather than following the story of a boy being recruited to defend the Earth from an alien invasion after topping the leaderboards of a popular arcade game. So it’s just your regular, average Joe crime show really… Kind of. Despite the risk, if all goes well and the series is a success, this could add a whole new dimension to the way in which we watch TV. Just imagine getting to look around the Simpsons house during a Treehouse of Horror episode!



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