‘The Leftovers’ Showrunner Is In Talks With HBO For A ‘Watchmen’ Series | TV News


Damon Lindelof has co-created two of this century’s most acclaimed and captivating TV shows, Lost and The Leftovers, so naturally he’s in high demand. His next potential project is due to be a huge one, as he’s in talks with HBO to develop a Watchmen TV series based on Alan Moore‘s iconic graphic novel.


HBO reportedly attempted to get the project off the ground in 2015 with Zack Snyder, director of the 2009 film adaptation, at the helm, but nothing materialised. Reportedly, Snyder is no longer attached and if terms are agreed to, Lindelof is free to start from scratch with his own take on the series.


The graphic novel was often called unadaptable before the 2009 film was made, which still to this day is met with polarising reviews. Moore’s original 12-issue series focuses on deconstructing the superhero myth by offering an alternative history where Richard Nixon was serving a third Presidential term and superheroes were the norm among society.


If this deal goes through, HBO may have found their post-Game Of Thrones prestige show. With Thrones set to wrap in the next two years with fifteen episodes spread out, a Watchmen series could be the perfect high-concept replacement.


Despite having success with the first season of Westworld, HBO have struggled to create new shows. Whilst streaming rivals Netflix and Amazon seem to have a very low miss rate, HBO have had two exciting David Fincher series not make it to air and the Martin Scorsese-executive produced Vinyl was very short-lived.


HBO will be very keen to get this project off the ground, and with Lindelof at the helm, they’ll be confident that they’ve finally found a series and showrunner combo that can ease them into life after Game Of Thrones.



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