HBO Order ‘Watchmen’ Pilot From Damon Lindelof | TV News

“Lost” co-creator and producer Damon Lindelof arrives at the The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Producers Peer Group Primetime Emmy Awards cocktail reception on Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/Jason Redmond)


It was announced last month that Damon Lindelof was in talks with HBO to develop a Watchmen TV series, after 2009 film director Zack Snyder was no longer attached to the project. Unlike Snyder, Lindelof has really managed to get the ball rolling, and HBO has now ordered a series pilot.


HBO also committed to additional backup scripts for the series, so looks to be pretty serious about the project as the remedy for a post-Game of Thrones world.


The series will be based on the DC Comics by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Set in a universe in which costumed heroes altered the course of history, Watchmen follows a group of crimefighters (characters acquired from Charlton Comics) investigating the murder of one of their own, uncovering a conspiracy with major implications.


Having co-created both Lost and more recently The Leftovers, Lendolof seems capable of taking Doctor Manhattan, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, and Rorschach to new heights, perhaps greater than Snyder’s divisive movie.



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