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French musician and singer Victor Solf has started the year 2020 in style with the release of his first solo EP Aftermath on January 31! The EP is composed of many sounds with soul and gospel influences including the single “The Salt Of The Earth”.


Victor Solf started as part of the Her group, with his best friend Simon Carpentier, which was founded in Rennes. The soul duo was a real success and toured the world. Unfortunately, Simon Carpentier, who was ill, died on August 13, 2017 at the age of 27, a few months before the release of the group’s first solo album.


As a tribute to Simon, Victor finished the album and released it. After that, the singer decided to stop Her and continue his solo career under his name, Victor Solf. He decided to team up with the talented pianist Guillaume Ferran and David Spinelli, both former members of Quadricolor and Griefjoy, then Nomak from the Point-Point collective.


The artist is inspired by iconic artists such as Elton John, Nina Simone, Bach and Ravel. He is also a big fan of German techno and British dance music. His diverse and varied musical tastes can be found in his EP Aftermath which is in English like all his sounds.


Listen to “The Salt Of The Earth” here:




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