‘Turner & Hooch’ Remake Starring Josh Peck Coming To Disney+ | TV News


Disney+ has pulled in impressive numbers since its launch and seems to be genuine competition for Netflix and other streaming platforms. But the company knows they can’t just coast, they need to continue churning out as much content as they can. Thus, Disney has ordered 12 hour-long episodes of a remake of the 1989 Tom Hanks film, Turner & Hooch.


Josh Peck will take over the Hanks role in the series, with The Gifted creator Matt Nix writing the entire series. The show, much like the film, will revolve around the antics of police detective Scott Turner and the large dog he inherits.


Peck rose to fame on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh and has since starred in the series Grandfathered, while popping up in shows such as The Mindy Project and Fuller House. He’s a charismatic presence who also retains a large internet following, something Disney hopes will mean his popularity covers multiple generations and demographics.


At this point, with the amount of content that is necessary for streaming platforms to exist, let alone thrive, expect practically every mildly relevant popular piece of pop culture of the last 50 years to get a reboot of sorts.


How familiar Disney+ subscribers are with Turner & Hooch doesn’t really matter, it’s at least a pre-existing piece of IP that the company can fall back on and hope people with a vague sense of what it is will subscribe out of curiosity.


Plus, the major reason anyone is subscribing to the service is the Star Wars and Marvel shows. Something like Turner & Hooch is designed to be easy watching to keep subscribers around after they’ve finished those shows. Netflix has perfected this sort of model over the last decade. It’s little surprise Disney is following suit.



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