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Shot with NOMO 135 Ti.


The singer, songwriter and producer Pali Gap has released his newest single “Paradise“, after his latest release “Lodhi” received positive response and grabbed the attention of indie playlist curators.


Pali Gap hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, where his grandfather encouraged him to begin playing music and introduced him to great artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles and Jimi Hendrix.


During this formative year, the Scottish talent discovered Hendrix’s track “Pali Gap” in the 1971 film soundtrack Rainbow Bridge, a song which eventually inspired him to choose his artist name.


“Paradise” was made in the producer’s home studio, which in his lively imagination is full of green plants and with walls decorated in his favourite Matisse’s painting.


Pali Gap’s latest single is about his own idea of paradise: spending time with his loved ones, enjoying the simple things in life such as art, music, cooking and watching movies, valuing time more than wealth.


But “Paradise” is more. It is about believing in yourself, overcoming the fear of uncertainty, taking a dive into the unknown with the hope to reach your own paradise at the end of the journey.


With his dreamy atmosphere and lo-fi vibes new track, Pali Gap will capture your mind, and you may have the impression to hear him asking to you: what’s your paradise?


Listen to it here:




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