The Trailer For Sundance Favourite ‘The Witch’ Has Arrived | Film Trailer


After getting near unanimous five star reviews after premiering at the Sundance film festival this year, bagging director Robert Eggers a ‘Best Director’ award at the festival in the process, chilling period horror film The Witch finally has a trailer. Set in 1636 New England, the film follows a strictly Christian family with five children who have just moved to a new house near the woods; one day, their newborn son disappears, leading the family to turn on each other, in horror-movie fashion.


The trailer pulls off the tricky feat of looking jaw droppingly beautiful, whilst leaving you terrified and desperate to see more. There is no release date for the film starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Ineson, yet, with only a vague “2016” release date offered by IMDB, but this looks like a film worth waiting for. You can watch the trailer for The Witch below.




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