‘This Is America’ & ‘It Follows’ Directors May Team Up For ‘Man Alive’ | Film News


Fresh off creating Childish Gambino‘s hit music video for “This Is America” – racking up almost 300 million YouTube views in a little over a month – director Hiro Murai is now in talks to make his feature film directorial debut with sci-fi thriller Man Alive.


The film curiously began as a spec script penned by NFL media specialist Joseph Greenberg, which Fox acquired two years ago. Since then, the script has received a rewrite from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell.


The story is set after “the invasion of earth by an alien species, when a man faced with isolation and loneliness in order to survive realises he might not be alone after all”. The initial idea reportedly occurred to Greenberg after watching the 1978 version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and wondering: what if someone couldn’t be absorbed by the pod people, and just woke up the same every day?


It’s an intriguing idea on its own, but combine it with Murai (who has also directed many episodes of Atlanta) and Mitchell, and there’s plenty of opportunity for something special here.



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