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After seeing bandmate Jonny Greenwood have success scoring such Paul Thomas Anderson films as There Will Be Blood and The Master, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is getting in on the act. He’s signed on to score the highly anticipated horror remake, Suspiria.


Yorke will compose the original score for the film which will star Chloe Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth, while being directed by Luca Guadagnino (A Bigger Splash). The director excitedly praised Yorke when discussing working together:


“Thom’s art transcends the contemporary. To have the privilege of his music and sound for Suspiria is a dream come true. The depth of his creation and artistic vision is so unique that our Suspiria will sound groundbreaking and will deeply resonate with viewers. Our goal is to make a movie that will be a disturbing and transforming experience: for this ambition, we could not find a better partner than Thom”.


Suspiria is a remake of the 1977 Dario Argento film, and follows a young American woman who travels to a prestigious ballet company, only to discover that one of the prominent members has disappeared. The addition of Yorke is a smart one, a way to differentiate the remake from its giallo origins and perhaps make the film a more contemporary, moodier piece.


Guadagnino also has the Sundance-acclaimed Call Me By Your Name in the works to be released, which has a couple of original songs by Sufjan Stevens within it. No better way for an upcoming director to get his name on the map than by working with two acclaimed musicians. Let’s hope he can turn those collaborations into successful films.



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