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More and more social media platforms are battling to get the correct rights to the content on their sites, whether it is for music, for videos or even exclusive pictures. It is a modern world’s problem that every now and then social media platforms get into little feuds to decide which one get the rights to an artist’s music.


The fast-rising social platform TikTok originally launched in 2016 but only really got famous last year during the first worldwide lockdown. On the platform, you will find all sorts of ages going from 15-year olds to those aged 50-plus, as well as all sorts of type of videos such as dancing videos, cooking tutorials and more.


In the process of posting the video, you can chose a song that’s preselected or that you uploaded yourself but of course the music used has to be free to use, that would mean that TikTok has bought or licensed the rights to that music. Again to buy these right, the platform needs to go to the music groups that own them.


The three main music companies are Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Corporation and they own 71.5% of music rights. So any platform like YouTube, TikTok or Instagram need to settle agreements to be able to use certain songs.


Just a few days after the video app Triller was accused of non-payment by Universal Music Group, the latter company have announced an agreement with the platform TikTok. From now on, TikTok users will have much more music to choose from as well as more soundtracks for their videos.


It is great news for the content creators who have sometimes been struggling with the music catalog that wasn’t the best. The goal here is to give more liberty to them, this agreement is going to be a huge help for the social media platform as well as for the music company who will benefit too from this.


They are both working on a new way to experience the music, and of course so that the music creators can gain too in the deal to be able to expand the music industry. For the moment, both companies seem to be happy with the agreement, with Universal Music Group COO Marc Cimino saying:


This alliance sets an industrywide example of social media companies acknowledging, respecting and compensating the music creators whose songs are instrumental to their platforms. We appreciate Tik Tok’s partnership and look forward to working together to provide support and opportunities to our songwriters“.



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