Travis Scott And Ludwig Göransson Discuss Their ‘Tenet’ Song ‘The Plan’ | Music News


Warner Bros has published an interview in which Travis Scott and Ludwig Göransson explain how their song “The Plan” was composed.


Travis Scott’s “The Plan” is used as the end credits in the film Tenet, and this interview gives us a better understanding of how they created the song.


Indeed the composer of the film Ludwig Göransson starts by explaining that they had aroused the interest of the rapper Travis Scott by sending him an excerpt of the first 5 minutes of the film.


After Travis Scott had seen this excerpt, he was so excited that Christopher Nolan, the director of the film, invited him to come to the studio to see it. Scott was one of the first people in the world to see the entire film.


Göransson explained that in addition to being a fan of the film from day one, Scott’s voice “works perfectly with the theme of the movie.”


During the interview, rapper Travis Scott touched on the difference between making music for a film and an album when he said: “Making music is like, personally, coming from me and my life experiences. I think specifically for this, it’s like embodying a feeling and a moment that’s been captured”.


“I feel like in albums, you take your life stories and you put them into lyrics, you spread them out across 16 songs. In this specific situation, it’s just like, ‘This is where we’re at, this is our world, this is what we’re planning. How do you feel? What’s the emotion?’”


Watch the full interview below.




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