Tim Commerford Compares Donald Trump To Hitler And Reflects On Brexit | Interviews

Tim Commerford


“We’re f***ed, clearly f***ed. / Destination? Somewhere f***ed”. This is how part of Wakrat‘s (Tim Commerford‘s new band) song “Generation F***ed” goes, and it’s a blunt yet accurate description of how Commerford feels about the current state of affairs.


In a new interview with Gigwise published on July 25, the musician indirectly compares presidential candidate Donald Trump to Hitler and expresses dismay at Britain’s decision to leave the EU:


“I’m looking at it this way, he [Trump] may win and if he does something horrible is going to happen,” Cummerford laments. “In a nutshell, Germany is a lot better place since Hitler lost. Maybe him [Trump] getting elected, some horrible s*** will go down and then after that the world will be a better place”.


In regards to Brexit, Cummerford states:


“I don’t think that anything good is going to happen from building borders and building walls. Those walls are going up more and more every day. We all live on the same planet, we should all be together united. But we are not”. Rage Against The Machine’s ex-bassist also admits to not being hopeful about the current situation, but holds on to the fact that things may eventually get better as a result.


Read the full interview here and watch the lyric music video to “Generation F***ed” below:




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