Time Travel Thriller ‘Replay’ To Be Directed By David Twohy | Film News


Riddick director David Twohy has a new project on the go, as Deadline reports he’ll be taking the helm on Relativity movie Replay. The new time travel thriller focuses on a test subject who’s sent four day into the future only to find his son has been murdered and he is the main suspect. After waking up the previous day, he must solve a murder mystery in reverse in order to save both his son and himself.


Joe Gazzam’s script was snapped up by production companies and has found it’s way into the trusty arms of Twohy. With other titles like Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick and A Perfect Getaway under his belt, Towhy should have no problem bringing this exciting time travel adventure to life. Production for Replay is expected to start early next year.



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