Todd Phillips Reveals First Look At Joaquin Phoenix In ‘Joker’ | Film News


Director Todd Phillips‘ upcoming low-budget, non-DCEU, Martin Scorsese-inspired Joker movie has had a lot of people scratching their heads. With an intriguing but mysterious premise, and a disparate cast, no one quite knows what to think of this strange project.


It will likely be like no other superhero film we’ve seen before, for better or worse, and Phillips has now given us a glimpse into this strange enigma by releasing the first image of star Joaquin Phoenix in character. He’s set to portray the clown prince of crime before his criminal days, yet the post below is simply captioned “Arthur”.


The Hashtag Show had reported back in July that Phoenix’s character would be named Arthur Fleck, and this looks like it confirms that.


They also reported that the film will follow Fleck as he returns to a city on the brink, and that he will return home to live with his ageing, possibly dying mother in her apartment. There he will meet Sophie Dumond, the single-mother set to be played by Zazie Beetz, and begin his descent into madness.


Obviously there’s still little to take from this image, which doesn’t exactly scream ‘The Joker’, but we know that the film is an origin story that is influenced by The King Of Comedy, with Phoenix portraying a down-on-his-luck 80s comedian who turns to a life of crime after bombing with audiences.


This is a project that people are tracking closely, not just because of its Batman/Joker links, but because it’s hard to get a read on. Thus there’s no doubt that more details and images will emerge soon, and hopefully we’ll learn a bit more about this oddity of a film. Joker is currently filming and is set for an October 2019 release.



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