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After their first single of 2020 Bionicle Memes which we wrote about a few days ago, hip-hop/rock band Tokyo Music Club are back with a new single “No More Parties”, which was released on January 30!


Indeed, the group had decided to release a new single every two weeks in preparation for the release of their debut album entitled Mixtape.


The group, which is influenced by artists like A$AP Rocky and Girl In Red, is composed of singer and guitarist Sip Skylark, guitarist Andy Giallombardo, bassist Kyle Schmitt and drummer Alex Azad.


As well as taking influences from artists with different musical styles, The Nashville indie quartet formed in the winter of 2019 are also influenced by cultures that are not geographically related to their home town and consider the whole world as their musical culture.


This group wants to offer guitar-based music to the new generations. They claim that they come from “the internet” and recognize that the internet has an influence on the way in which music is created and consumed today. They’re planning their show a tour.


In “No More Parties” the band played the irony of lyrics that speak of contempt for the festivities with a dancing sound that can be heard at any party.


Listen to it here:




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